About Rose City Futsal



Rose City Futsal provides a place to celebrate the culture of soccer where passionate players and fans will enjoy spending time. Whether developing your skills on the court, dining at Clive’s Public House, or shopping for gear at the Far Post Soccer Supply Company, Rose City Futsal is a fun place to play and enjoy the heart of the game. Rose City Futsal was created by members of 10 families grounded in the NE Portland community.  These families and business leaders bring an array of skills to the success of Rose City Futsal. We want to spend time here with our kids and with you. Come play with us!


Rose City Futsal’s 30,000 square foot Clubhouse provides a complete experience for players, spectators, and families to enjoy the heart of the game.  RCF features three full sized futsal courts.

  • Portland – 93’ x 50’ – Turf – surfaced with padded turf for optimum shock absorbency and a soft realistic feel.
  • Barcelona – 93’ x 50’ – Turf
  • Rio – 107’ x 55’ – Firm Surface, is a 8 mm hard rubber surface, a harder and faster surface for a higher level of play.

There are multiple viewing areas for each field, providing spectators and fans with a variety of perspectives on the game and options to enjoy food and beverage while you watch. Come play with us!

HOURS subject to change

  • Mon – Fri 1:00PM – 11:30 PM
  • Sat  9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun  9:00 AM – 11:00 PM


We have put together a comprehensive list of rules for the game to be played in “our house”. They are in PDF format and can be downloaded below. One version is for 3v3 and another for 5v5.


RCF House Rules – 3v3

5v5 Rules

RCF Laws of the Game 5v5 2017