concussion awareness education

Concussion Awareness Education

Rose City Futsal strongly encourages all coaches, parents and players over age of 12 to utilize the information provided below to better recognize and understand concussions and related brain injuries. What may seem like only a minor bump or fall can have potentially serious consequences if not treated properly. Please do not take any chances!

Educational Courses

We recommend that parents and coaches complete either the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) online training course or the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) online course. Both courses are free of charge, with the main difference being that the NFHS course retains an electronic record of having taken the course while a printed certificate is the only proof of completion for the CDC course. Again, both programs provide an excellent overview of recognizing signs of concussion.

General Information

In addition to the training course described above, the CDC ‘Heads Up Concussion In Youth Sports’ program provides fact sheets for quick reference, applicable for both youth and adult athletes.

Similarly, Providence Health Services ‘Healthy Kids, Healthy Community’ initiative offers their version of fact sheet toolkit to aid in assessment.

Concussion Testing

Parents should be aware that a variety of providers in the Portland area encourage and offer baseline concussion testing. These fee-based programs are potentially useful tools by evaluating status of athletes before they experience concussion. Providers include: