Adult Leagues

Join us for one of Portland and Tigard’s most engaging and action-packed sports leagues. All you need is a desire to move and a willingness to have fun. Male or female, beginner or superstar, eighteen or seventy-eight: we have a place for you.

League play is seasonal, with seven to ten-week schedules in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer at either our NE Portland or Tigard locations. Our goal is to offer the most balanced leagues, so everyone has a chance to compete and have fun.





(Premier, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, Over 30, Over 40)





(Premier, D2 through D5 + Men’s Over 35, Men’s Over 40)


$745 Weekday (ONE-TIME | 10-Game) Optional ( two payments of 50% each)
$495 Weekend (ONE-TIME | 10-Game)
Adult Leagues generally run for 10 or 7 weeks depending on the season. All participants need a player card – Cards are purchased at the front desk for $5.00 and require a completed waiver. The team registration fee is $745 (10-game Weekday) or $495 (10-game Weekend). Additionally, $10.00 cash is paid to your referee prior to each game. Rose City Futsal is a family friendly facility for both children and adults. Good sportsmanship and respect for referees and players is required. Rose City Futsal reserves the right to suspend teams and players who do not comply with our required code of conduct.

Teams registered on Auto Renewal are automatically signed up for the next session. Around the 2nd to last week of a session, teams are contacted to confirm their renewal and submit requests for league/division changes.


“Auto Renewal” is for Teams who are interested in renewing their commitment to play at Rose City Futsal for upcoming season(s). Our goal is to establish a program that allows teams to “auto-renew” thereby guaranteeing their spot in next season’s league.

Teams that are not on Auto-Renewal and are playing in a current session have the opportunity to re-register for the upcoming session before it opens to the public. Teams must register within the same division they are currently playing in, if you would like to change divisions please contact

After VIP Registration if there are available slots then teams on the wait list are contacted in order of sign up and indicated level of play. Matching teams are provided the registration link for the session. Once in the league, teams are automatically on the VIP Registration list. Please note we have opened the weekends up to year round league play and space is available.

Rose City Futsal can help you find a team to play on, or even extra players for your roster. Post an ad on our Individual Classifieds section to get started.

OASA Sanctioned Leagues require a current and valid OASA card with an RCF waiver sticker. There is no cost for the RCF waiver sticker. Each player must sign the RCF Waiver to participate in the futsal league.

OASA players may use their OASA cards with RCF Waiver Sticker in non OASA RCF Leagues ( an RCF Card is not required).

All players are required to have a waiver filled out and to purchase a player card. Player cards are a one time fee of $5. They are to be brought to every game to show to the ref.

The minimum age to play in Adult Leagues is 14. All players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

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