Open Play Indoor Soccer Futsal Portland


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RCF WEST Adult Open Play Schedule

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RCF EAST Adult Open Play Schedule


Sunday 8pm - 11pm

  • Sunday Open Play

Come play pick-up games with friends and meet people that share a similar passion for Futsal! Check back regularly for the latest Open Play opportunities as special Open Play times may arise! Players pay and show RCF player card at Front Desk. Admission is on a first come first serve basis and Futsal balls are provided. Maximum number of players is 50.

Players 14-18 may play with permission of a parent. Punch Cards are good for all Adult Classes and Open Play League Reschedules may use one of the 3 courts during open play time. Click the date in the calendar for up to date scheduling.



Everyone that pays admission has a right to play on any court in our facility. Pick-up games should begin as soon as enough players are on a court. A pool of no more than 20 players should be on a court at any given time. Pick-up games should never be more than (5v5 including keepers). Games are to 2 goals or 8 minutes (if you are off, please volunteer to keep time). We do not play winner stays on. In the event there are 15 players (3 teams) on one court, rotation is: on for 2, off for 1. In the event there are 20 people on one court (4 teams) the rotation is on for 2, off for 2. Adult Open Play is reserved for participants aged 14+. There are certain blackout dates due to special programming – always verify available dates on the RCF home page.