Portland Adult Leagues – Winter November 27th – February 18th 

10 Weeks – $ 745 * No Games December 25th – January 7th*


  • Coed D-1 (Wed/Fri)
  • Coed D-2 (Wed/Fri)
  • Coed D-3 (Thu/Fri)
  • Coed D-4 (Thu/Fri)
  • Coed D-5 Gold (Wed/Fri)
  • Coed D-5 Silver (Wed/Fri)
  • Coed D-5 Bronze (Wed/Fri)
  • Coed Open (Sundays)


  • Men’s D-2 (Tue/Fri)
  • Men’s D-3 (Tue/Fri)
  • Men’s D-4 Gold (Mon/Fri)
  • Men’s D-4 Silver (Mon/Fri)
  • Men’s D-5 Gold (Thu/Fri)
  • Men’s D-5 Silver (Thu/Fri)
  • Men’s D-5 Bronze (Thu/Fri)
  • Men’s Over 35 (Mon/Fri)
  • Men’s Over 40 (Mon/Fri)


  • Women’s D-3 (Tue/Fri)
  • Women’s D-4 (Tue/Fri)

Portland Adult Classes – Winter

For any interest in joining a class mid-session please email info@rosecityfutsal.com

Portland Open Play

  • Sunday 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
  • $8 at the door – no pre-registration

Tigard Adult Leagues – Winter – November 27th – February 18th

10 Weeks – $ 745 * No Games December 25th – January 7th* 

Tigard Classes – Winter

Tigard Open Play


  • Coed Open Play 8pm to 11pm – $8


  • Coed Open Play 7pm to 10pm – $8
  • Over 40 years Open Play 7pm to 8:30pm – $5

NW Futsal Champions League Winter – November 27th – February 18th

10 Weeks – $ 745 * No Games December 25th – January 7th *

The NW Futsal Champions League is the place for the most competitive ballers in the area to compete.

  • Pick your squad
  • Pick your house
  • Register
  • Compete

Each session there will be a championship game. The winners will have their team name engraved on a Champions Cup. The Cup will remain at the house (Facility) of the winning team. It will remain there until earned by another team. Champions Cup games will be held at the current Cup house. Facilities include Rose City Futsal – NE PortlandRose City Futsal – Tigard and Portland Futsal – SE Portland

Men play on Mondays and women play on Tuesdays. Schedules will be made to accommodate coaches schedules.

Please submit a team application below to be considered for this highly competitive league!


The League

  • FC Grafenburg (RCF Tigard)
  • Friend Hotel (Portland Futsal)
  • Futsoul (RCF Portland)
  • JH Kelly (RCF Portland)
  • Myreplaylive (Portland Futsal)
  • Team Elysian (RCF Tigard)
  • Weed Blog (Portland Futsal)
  • We Hate Tottenham (RCF Portland)


The League

  • East Bank Squad (RCF Portland)
  • Nike Street (RCF Portland)
  • Team Dayglow (RCF Portland)
  • The Grumble (RCF Portland)

Toffee Club Halloween Tournament

The Toffee Club Halloween Tournament

4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance Thankskicking

4th annual 4-Worlds United ThanksKicking Futsal Tournament Fundraiser November 25th and 26th, 2017!!!
  • 12 minute halves – 24 minute game
  • 5v5 format – including goalkeepers
  • 4 game minimum – Saturday and Sunday Play
  • $250/team


Hello Rose City Futsal Supporters,

Thank you for your interest in playing in our adult leagues! We wish we could offer enough slots for everyone to play at our facility!

If the division you are wanting to register for is full, please register your team on our wait-list under your desired division. Commonly, there is movement within the divisions, which creates openings for additional teams. We will then rely on our wait-list to fill any openings, on a first come first serve basis.

As always thank you for your continued support of Rose City Futsal!

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