Marcelo Modesto Trindade​

A Brazilian Former Pro player and now coaching and refereeing Top Adult and Youth Soccer Games in USA. Marcelo grew up playing Soccer in the streets of Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil. Playing soccer in the uneven mud fields without shoes. He was able to go to College as an athlete and later became a Pro Player. Coming from a humble family he successfully graduated in Economics in 2003 and moved to the USA to pursue his dream to keep playing soccer in a Pro Level. As a player Marcelo Trindade won many important Championships in different parts of Brazil and the USA. He started his referee career in 2009 and has already gained national attention and been invited to work in National Tournaments around the USA; both outdoor soccer and Futsal.

Playing Experience:

Juniores Flamengo Futebol Clube, Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil (1994)
Clube Dom Pedro II, Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil (1994 to 1999)
University Federal de Vicosa, MG, Brazil (1998, 2003)
Copa Latina, Birmingham, Alabama, USA (2003)
Araxa Esporte Club, Div 1, MG, Brazil (2004/2005) Div 1
Formiga Futebol Club, MG, Brazil (2006) Div 1