Youth Futsal Soccer Leagues


RCF EAST - Spring II Youth League



Youth Leagues  run for between 6 and 10-weeks on a year-round schedule. All participants need a player card – Cards are purchased at the front desk for a one time fee of $5.00 and require a completed waiver. Rose City Futsal is a family friendly facility for both children and adults. Good sportsmanship and respect for referees and players is required. Rose City Futsal reserves the right to suspend teams and players who do not comply with our required code of conduct. Each team pays the referee $10 per game.

U6-U7 (3v3)

Designed for Kindergarten through 1st grade. Games are played on half-sized fields, with small goals and no keeper. Games consist of 2 halves at 24 minutes each. Typically, team placement is determined by school grade, not by age. The player in the highest grade on a given team determines age bracket placement for registration purposes. All coaches are expected to be familiar with the  3v3 RCF House Rules  and abide by them.  The coach’s role is to support their players in learning to play by the rules of the game. 3v3 leagues are scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

U8-U14 (5v5)

U8 through U14 players play a standard 5v5 format. Typically, RCF hosts youth leagues for both competitive and recreational levels. Teams have the option of placement in Gold,  Silver or Recreational brackets. Coaches should register their teams in the appropriate bracket so games are balanced (balanced = fun). Recreational coaches should indicate whether the team is a stronger/experienced team or a beginning team at time of registration to aid in league scheduling. If you have questions about team placement, please contact us. Players and coaches are expected to abide by the RCF Futsal Rules. All players and coaches are expected to be familiar with these rules prior to stepping onto the court. Games will be scheduled on weekends.