Youth Programs

Rose City Futsal youth programs welcome players from eighteen months to eighteen years of any level of experience. Coaches and staff are dedicated to creating a fun environment, while helping kids grow as players and as people. Rose City Futsal is always a perfect temperature for playing and for watching – while your kids learns how to dribble, juke, score and work in a team, you can watch their progress from above while you enjoy a refreshment at Clive’s Public House.


Leagues give players a chance to just go out and play with their teams. Players will stay dry and warm while improving their skills at an accelerated pace and having fun.


Classes are designed to offer a fun, dynamic training experience for players of all levels. If your player loves futsal already and wants a more intensive futsal experience, Rose City Futsal offers in-house teams that compete nationally and internationally.

Select Teams

Travel, compete, grow and have fun! Rose City Futsal’s Select Team Development Program seeks to develop the best futsal and soccer players in the country. This program is designed to provide players an opportunity to train in futsal with players of like ability to to provide the highest level of coaching so players can grow to their highest potential in the game.


Rose City Futsal offers All Levels camps for players of any level who want a diverse experience with many different activities, as well as advanced clinics for more experienced players who want a camp focused solely on playing.


Rose City Futsal partners with multiple organizations to provide the best tournament experience in the northwest. Enjoy watching 3 games side by side while cheering from the mezzanine of Clive’s Public House. Enjoy food and beverage with the team between games.

Family Open Play

Rose City Futsal offers family open play times for kids to come in with their friends to scrimmage, play games, and have fun! These open plays are offered intermittently during Away Timbers Games at RCF East, and are now being offered on Fridays at RCF West!

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