Wellness Programs

We at Rose City Futsal are dedicated to providing a place for our community to come together and support active, healthy and social lifestyles. Whether you’re building new connections in Clive’s or de-stressing on the court we want our team, and yours, to make RCF your home for corporate wellness and team building!

Corporate Wellness

We love seeing companies provide their employees with fun and active fitness options within the local community. At RCF we provide a holistic experience for physical, mental, and social connectivity. We see the value in people coming together outside of work, getting in a good sweat, and bonding post-game with coworkers and friends.

What We Offer

•Fun & Social Fitness
•Team bonding
•Lifetime memories and connections

•Coed, Men’s and Women’s Leagues
•Advanced to beginner levels of play on weeknights or weekends
•Multi-Team Discounts
•Easy Auto-Renewal Sign up and Payment

Contact us and start your company futsal team today!

Company Wellness Team

I want more information on how my company can put a team into your adult league or set up a wellness event!

Employee Wellness

We encourage and support our staff to join at least one team each session! Often our employees participate in local tournaments, challenge each other in house scrimmages and enjoy team bonding on and off the court! We currently have multiple coed teams, a men’s and a women’s team playing at both facilities!

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