RCF Participation Policy

RCF Participation Policy

All participants (players) that wish to utilize Rose City Futsal facilities must abide the following policies and procedures:

  • All players and other persons in the facility must wear a mask at all times.
    • Bandanas or bandana style masks will not be permitted
  • All players must review our Procedures
  • All players must have a valid membership player card. Please purchase your membership in advance of your first event. Membership purchase surges during youth league start.
    • Prior to that players may be scanned in at the front desk.
  • All players and other persons in the facility must Check In and Check Out

League Play

All players that wish to participate in a league game must have a player card. Player cards must be brought to every game and presented to the referee. Placing the cards face-up on a bench for the referee to review is appreciated to support social distancing.Players shall not enter the building more than 10 minutes prior to play

  • Players shall not exit the building more than 5 minutes after play concludes
  • Players may re-enter for another game at the 10 minute mark
  • Players shall enter the building and go directly to their assigned court for play
  • Players may not “roam” the building before, during or after play
  • Spectators are not permitted to enter the facility at this time.
  • Players shall use a one-at-time policy for restrooms and water filling stations

Membership cards may be purchased in two ways

  1. Purchase at the Front Desk for $10. Membership is annual.
    1. While COVID restrictions exist please be aware that completing the purchase of a membership and printing the card must be completed prior to the day of participation.
  2. Create a Self Service account and purchase a membership online.
    1. Once you have an account you may upload your preferred photo for your card.
    2. Your card will be printed within 48 hours and be available at the front desk. Please bring an ID at pickup.

*In the event that a player forgets their player card, they can:

  1. Purchase a new player card for $5
  2. Purchase a new annual membership for $10 (in the event it is closed to year end of the membership)
  3. Purchase a temporary stamp at the Front Desk for $2
    1. A new card must be purchased on the third temporary stamp request.
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