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Safety and Sanitation Guidelines

Main Guidelines

  • All RCF employees required to wear a mask at all times
  • Players must wear a mask at all times
  • Hand sanitizer on every court for coaches and players to use
  • Please keep social distance when possible

RCF Response

  • RCF will use the Check-In and Check-Out report to notify groups of people that may have been exposed to someone reporting a positive case of COVID. Depending on the severity of the exposure further steps may be taken.

Screening Campers and Coaches

  • All RCF employees, coaches and players will attest to answering the COVID Pre-Screening questions before entering the facility.
  • If a pre-screening survey shows potential risk, the players will not be allowed to enter the building.
  • Everyone entering the building must Check-In to our membership system to create a contact tracing report.

Each player will need:

  • Mask
  • Water bottle (No water fountain access)
  • Futsal shoes
  • Please do not bring any equipment. We will provide it!
    • Except a training vest, we cannot provide during this time.
  • Please be on time. It helps the flow of prior session pick-up, sanitizing between, and session check-in. We understand if something happens and you cannot make it on time. We ask that everyone tries their best to be on time

Check-In Procedure

  • Players asked to arrive 10 mins before session
  • All players, coaches and staff must Check-In by a staff member
  • Ensure pre-screening questions answered
  • Players change into futsal shoes on assigned court area

Pick-up Procedure

  • Finish Session – Air fives
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Players gathers personal items (water bottle/bag)
  • Players change from futsal shoes to other shoes
  • Players Check-Out
  • Players exit through main entrance

Air Quality

Rose City Futsal operates its HVAC system during all occupied hours and occasionally while unoccupied.  Air is delivered from overhead to all courts at a rate of 2 air changes per hour.  The air is returned to the HVAC unit where it is mixed with 20% outdoor air and passed through MERV 13 filtration before returning to the courts.


  • One person to use the bathroom at a time.
  • All equipment will be sanitized with approved disinfectant regularly
  • Including but not limited to: balls, cones, benches, goals
  • Please encourage your players to limit all unnecessary contact on all surfaces including but not limited to countertops, handrails, handles, goal posts, benches etc.
  • All touch points sanitized during session and before next session
  • Including but not limited to: rails, door handles, knobs

We couldn’t be happier with the community support, during this time and always, to RCF and we look forward to providing a safe and fun environment!

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