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Select Teams – Cancellation Policy

Select Teams – Cancellation Policy

All withdrawals from the RCF Select Teams program must be made in writing to Rose City Futsal. In certain instances, including serious injury, adjustments to the schedule can be made at the discretion of the Director of Coaching of RCF. Injured players must provide a doctor’s note. If a notice of cancellation is received at any time during the first month of the program, there will be a $395 fee. No refunds will be issued for payments already processed beyond the initial payment for the Monthly Plan or 3 Installments Plan. If you paid in full, the Monthly refund process would be applied. Once players commit to the team, we kindly expect players to follow through with their commitment as changes along the process can affect the overall development of all individuals within their training group. Rose City Futsal does not give credit towards future classes/sessions/events.

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