What is futsal?

What is Futsal?

Fun and fast, Futsal is a dynamic form of soccer played worldwide! The game of Futsal began in Uruguay in the 1930’s as a 5-a-side game for youth players in YMCA competitions. It quickly spread throughout South America, becoming most popular in Brazil as a fun pick up form of soccer, often played to lively music with a strong focus on great ball control and quick passing. Futsal is a very fun game to play and an excellent complement to outdoor soccer. The game was formally named Futsal in 1989 as part of FIFA’s efforts to unify the rules and market the sport worldwide. Played on a smaller field, Futsal emphasizes the development of strong passing and dribbling skills. The low bounce ball also means that in futsal, the ball spends more time on the ground. This is excellent for the development of good ball control which makes futsal an ideal training tool. Many of the top soccer players in the world claim futsal as a pivotal element in their skills development. “I think kids should be doing pickup or futsal all the time,” says current Director of Football Operations for NYC FC and former Youth Technical Director for US Soccer, Claudio Reyna. “I think it’s very important for technique. In Argentina, futsal is what kids play growing up. They get very comfortable in small spaces with the ball. It’s usually less pressure, so they can try things.” Compared to soccer, Futsal demands more versatile players and has a much lower injury rate.

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