Rose City Futsal Policy Committee

Rose City Futsal Policy Committee

Hello Friend of Rose City Futsal:

I am the President of the Northwest Indoor Soccer Referees Association; we are the providers of Referees to your games.In conjunction with the management of RCF, I am looking for people like you!

We are forming a committee to help advise RCF about the on field experience – This is your chance to have input into the rules and procedures that affect you and your team! I expect the committee to meet about four times per year for about 90 minutes each time, so 5-6 hours per year is your only time commitment for this important project.

For a complete “job description” and a very simple application form, go to:

Rose City Futsal Policy Committee


Eric A. Beck

NISRA Player Newsletter

Hello all,

Our Referee Scheduler, Eric Beck, is reaching out beyond the referee community and would like to direct the Northwest Indoor Soccer Referee Player News to the player community. Please take the time to read.

Our First Ever Newsletter Directed Toward Players— We have been doing newsletters directed toward referees, this is our first attempt to communicate directly to you—the players! We’d love your feedback!

NISRA player newsletter 2016 May

Thanks Eric