Rose City Futsal

A Message From Rose City Futsal

To the RCF Staff and our Community,

The past week has been challenging to all of us. We hope you are safe and taking the steps to care for your family, yourself and your community.

We want to share details about Rose City Futsal and what is known at this time.

On March 2nd the Academy made the decision to cancel a trip to Italy for 8 of our players, coaches and families, based on health alerts.

On March 11th the Academy trip to Santa Clara in June was cancelled for all 13 teams.

On Thursday March 12 at 4:30 PM the senior leadership team met to discuss the growing COVID-19 crisis. At 5:00 PM we shut Rose City Futsal in Tigard and Portland. This included having our tenants APEX, GC Strength, THUSC, Tursi Soccer, and United PDX close down and work as quickly as possible to close tenant space from by Friday. We knew that this was going to cause economic harm and disruption to our staff and our community. However, the signs pointed toward the need to take this action. We could not have known how fast things would continue to change in the coming days. Our intention was to do our part to avoid contamination and spread. We planned to reopen in 2 to 4 weeks.

In the next few days the team focused on communicating to our community, completing payroll for the entire staff and securing the buildings.

On March 17th the RCF ownership met to plan for the care of the staff and plan for a reopening given the available information at the time. At that time, the information available pointed toward a much longer shutdown and although there was discussion of help from a Federal level there was no sign of help in the time necessary to continue. That evening the number of restaurants and small businesses closing operations (and laying off employees) in Portland become an overwhelming problem for the state unemployment agency.

On March 18th RCF notified all staff that they would be furloughed in order to apply for unemployment insurance. RCF is currently shut down and all communications and safety measures are being coordinated through our Managing Director, Kevin Murray. As senior leadership, we are being consulted and offering help where we can.

On March 23rd Oregon Governor K. Brown ordered a stay a home for the state.

Unfortunately, this crisis has meant that we have collected revenue for services that we cannot provide to you at this time. At this time, our policy is to provide a credit for future services. Thank you for your patience as we proceed.

It is our intention to open as soon as possible and welcome back our staff and our community. We are all watching the daily briefings from state Governors and the Coronavirus Task Force. Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our community. Please stay at home.

Carlee Brounstein
Chris Croft
Courtney Volger
Gresham Prehn
Ian King
Joe Lesher
Johannes Reiber
Katy Hill
Kevin Murray
Kody Ganiko
Matthew Gragnano
Oscar Suarez
Roberto Farfan


We are closed until further notice and intend to re-open as soon as possible once given permission by authorities.