Daily Schedule

Calendar Sync!
Calendar Sync!
Great News: After months of conversation, our schedule software provider has added an easy way for teams to stay on top of their game schedule. It’s called Calendar Sync and we’re very excited to roll it out for everyone who plays at Rose City Futsal!
Here’s the scoop:
– Calendar Sync allows you to subscribe to your team’s schedule and have it sync with your smartphone, tablet & computer Calendar applications
– Your games are automatically uploaded and, in the event of a schedule change, updated in your calendar so you’ll always have the correct time
– Setting up your Calendar Sync is a snap! Just go to the RCF Daily Schedule page, find your team and choose your Calendar Sync option from the right hand side of the table
– The 2 Calendar Sync options are:
– Get Calendar – this will download a .ics file for you to create a new calendar in your Calendar application
– Copy Sync URL – this provides a link for you to plug in to a new calendar on your Calendar application
– *Note* both options will update automatically with any changes but may take 24-48 hours to be fully applied. FYI, our policy is to contact you and any rostered team members if a game changes within 48 hours of the original game time
TeamSnap Changes
– With the new Calendar Sync feature, we no longer upload schedules and rosters to TeamSnap as of Summer Series 2019.
– If you like using TeamSnap to manage your squad, please explore the free version!