Game Day Questions

Do teams have to have two sets of different color jerseys?
No, teams may wear bibs so they don’t have to bring two jerseys.

Does RCF hand out bibs?
RCF can hand out bibs if needed.

Should we bring a ball?
RCF supplies balls for the players. Please bring just what you need to play the game and take it home with you.

Will RCF print our player cards?
Yes, have the coach/manager come to the front desk to pick up cards 20 minutes before the game, then hand them out to players before entering the building.

How will you know who is on our team?
Please complete the roster form from the registration link you were sent. We can send it again if you need it. (

When should players arrive?
Players may enter the building 10 minutes or less before the game starts.

What if we don’t have our player card and it is not printed yet?
We will work with you the first week. We want your team to play. On the 3rd game of the season $2 for a stamp $5 for a new card.

Can a team manager or assistant coach come in with the team, in addition to the coach?
Yes, roster limit is 10 players and 2 coaches. Everyone must have a scannable player/membership card

Can I play if I do not have a membership card in good standing?

Will the membership card work at both buildings?

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