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Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. Muhammed Ali.

Eduardo Araujo is Director of Coaching for Rose City Futsal, where he leads its coaching staff and directs the development of youth players. Eduardo has helped RCF to establish itself among the top futsal forces in the US and has led teams to success at regional, national and international levels.

Growing up in Brazil, Eduardo played for Clube de Futebol Zico (CFZ) and other national level futsal clubs during his youth. He grew up with a love for the game that he currently enjoys sharing with Rose City Futsal’s culture. His coaching philosophy emphasizes hard work, dedication, fun and the idea that lessons learned from the game extend beyond the court. He sees every training session and match as an opportunity for growth on the individual and team level.

Coaching Experience:

  • Rose City Futsal Director of Coaching – 2014-present
  • USA Futsal Feminas Team Head Coach in Barcelona, Spain – March, 2017.
  • Timbers ODP/RTC/Camps – 2011-2014
  • Eastside Timbers Coach and AdiStars Program Director – 2010-2014
  • Clackamas High School – 2011-2012
  • Kiahuna Futsal Club – 2006-2010


  • Trained under FC Barcelona Futsal Coach Xavi Closas
  • Played and coached under tutelage of Argentinian born and 2-time US National Futsal team captain Jorge Bordt
  • Played and coached under tutelage of former US Futsal Head Coach Oswaldo Garcia
  • Attended a Spanish Futsal Federation Level 1 Diploma Clinic, presented by Andres Sanz: Atletico Madrid Feminas Futsal and instructor of the Spanish Futsal Federation
  • Attended Futsal Coaching Clinic by Italian Professional Futsal Coach Marco Shindler
  • Attended the 2017 NSCAA Convention in Los Angeles, CA. Presenters such as: Feyenord FC, Jürgen Klinsmann, French and German Federation Technical Directors, Tab
  • Ramos from US Soccer, GK Jorge Campos, and others.
  • Worked as an Assistant Coach for Brett Jacobs – former Assistant Coach of the Colorado Rapids and currently Director of Coaching of Washington Timbers
  • Universidade do Futebol Director of Coaching Diploma
  • Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Social Sciences

Publication (articles):

Portrait of Youth Academy Coach, Eduardo Araujo

Focused 1 on 1 soccer or futsal training is a key component in succeeding on the field today. With this 1 on 1 training we will transform your weaknesses into strengths, increase your confidence/ speed of play and improve your skills. The session will be player specific, depending on ability and preferred position of play.


  • USSF National Coaching License
  • 12+ years coaching youth soccer
  • Former Martial Arts Instructor


  • Warner Pacific College (Portland, OR)
  • Dominican University (San Rafael, CA)
  • High School – Ulysses S. Grant
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Carlee Middleton:

  • 4 Years D1 Collegiate
  • 2 Seasons WPSL – Women’s Premier Soccer League

Participating Conferences:

  • Sunbelt Conference
  • Southern Conference


  • NCAA Tournament
  • 4 Time all League Selection
  • Rookie of the Year
  • 62 Consecutive Collegiate Appearance Starts
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

Coach Nico has loved and played Futsal since the age of 5. He gained experience through years playing semi-professional in Italy, Australia and the United States. Nico is here to share his knowledge and love of Futsal with you.

In Coach Nico’s classes you will learn tactics, technique and skills of Futsal. Nico loves to teach skills and is ready for any challenge. Classes are open to all ages and all skill levels. Classes will focus on

Skills – Footwork dribbling control
Tactics – Positions and movement
Finishing – How to score with a target or as a target, free kicks and penalty kicks
Fun – For Nico the only thing more important than Futsal is the enjoyment of life and a good laugh.



  • 2015 RCF 02 World Champions Select Team, RCF Youth Academy
  • 2015 Portland City Futsal Club 3rd Place finish in the Major Futsal League (US semi-pro league)


  • Age 5-20 Different team clubs and leagues, Italy (Montefalco Calcio, Nuova Fulginium, Foligno Calcio)
  • 21-27 CB Life Futsal, Truffarelli Calcio a 5 , Italy , 2 Regional Championships, 1st Place Umbria Cup
  • 24-27 Cus Perugia, Universitá di Perugia, University league 2nd/3rd place
  • 31 Pasco Vale FC, V League, Melbourne, Australia
  • 32 Portland City Futsal Club, 3rd Place USA Major League Futsal


Futsal Player
Futsal Coach

Hello Everyone

My name is Moses or Coach Moose as the little ones know me by. I was born in Bolivia with a soccer ball at my feet! As a coach I believe Futsal is a balance of technique, skill and composure. My passion comes from the love and devotion I have for the sport. I strive to create a positive and safe environment for every class. Futsal is a fun sport and I plan on teaching the excitement for the game. Learning a new skill is such an important tool at a young age, when they are such a sponge for knowledge. Coming from a huge family and being the eldest of 7, I have such a wide concept with understanding young minds. I coached in many clinics all over Oregon from ages 18 months to 16 years old. I have trained in Bolivia with local camps and learned the street form of futsal. I welcome all players to join our Rose City Futsal family and connect with our ever growing futsal community!

Heart of the Game

Coach MO

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I love the minute details that are key to succeed in Futsal. These are attributes that separate the good from the great at the competitive/professional level. I come from a place of phenomenal athletes and very technical players. Never did I come across a game where you must be complete in all areas to be successful. I believe Futsal challenges players to be creative, confident, intelligent and technical. I am excited for the growth of Futsal in the States, especially right here in Portland!

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Coaching Experience:

  • U.S. National F,E,D lincense
  • 7+ Years coaching ages 4-18 YRS (WUFC, Crossfire OR)
  • 2016 State Cup Champions w/ Crossfire Oregon
  • U.S. Futsal San Jose Regionals 4th Place – RCF 07 Girls
  • U.S. Futsal San Jose Regionals 4th Place – RCF 05 Girls.

Playing Experience:

  • Youth Clubs – Maui Strikers, Honolulu Bulls
  • ODP Hawaii state team 2003/2004
  • Pacific University 2009 – 2012 Men’s Soccer
  • North West Conference Champions 2010
  • NCAA DIII Nationals appearance 2010

My name is Jacob Fulk, otherwise known as Coach Jacob. I’m 17, and I’ll be graduating from Sunset High School in June. Soccer has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve played for a few different local clubs over the course of the last 8 years, and I’ve been playing for the Sunset Varsity team since I was a sophomore. I love futsal because it highlights the technical side of the game, often requiring precise technique and skill over strength and speed. I absolutely love coaching little kids. Every day is different, they have such high energy, and they really make my job feel more like fun than work. I’ve refereed recreation soccer at the age group a lot of my students are in, I also babysit and volunteer at an after school program for elementary school students. But none of these things gives me the same rush as teaching them to dribble a soccer ball or shoot in the corners, because that’s what I’m passionate about. I think being a soccer stars coach is a point at which my passion for the games meets an opportunity to do some good and help kids grow, both on and off the field.

Coaching Experience


  • USSF National E Licensed Coach
  • 7+ Years’ experience coaching youth ages 6-18
  • Individual/Group Private Training Instructor for 5+ Years


  • 2017 USFF NW Regional Champions 04’ Boys (Assistant Coach)
  • NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma

Playing Experience

  • U-14 Super Y League ODP NE Regional Team Captain
  • U-14 U.S National Pool
  • 2007 Regional Finalist (Eastside Eagles U-18)
  • 2007 Oregon State Cup Champion (Eastside Eagles U-18)
  • 2006 Oregon State Cup Runner up (Eastside Eagles U-17)
  • 2015 2v2 American Panna Champion

What I love most

My family, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I’m at today without them, I’m very fortunate to have such amazing parents that support me.


Born in Alberta, Canada, moved to Albany, New York when I was 5 then moved to Vancouver, WA when I was 15. I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old, and have always had a ball at my feet. I really enjoy the creative side of soccer with the unlimited possibilities of tricks and moves you can do with the ball. During the past 4 years I have gained interest in freestyle soccer, and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. My favorite part about freestyle is that all you need is a ball to have fun. It’s so challenging and you learn a lot about yourself in the process of getting better.


I believe that the game is the greatest teacher but the influence and direction a coach can have on a player can either make or break them. Coaching is all about the information you are giving and how you present it. Each player is different and as coaches we must adapt to the players individual needs, improving their weaknesses while increasing confidence and developing their strengths. Players must not be pressured to play but rather educated on the many opportunities available from playing soccer.

Every player has potential, and maybe not potential to be a professional but potential to be a great person. Soccer teaches us many lessons in life, from working hard to get what you want, to learning the ability to communicate and work well with others, to showing respect and sportsmanship, and why having a great attitude is so important. Coaching soccer is so much more than just developing players, we are shaping lives and we must develop the person at the same time as developing the player because soccer is much more than just a game, soccer is life.

Favorite Teams

FC Barcelona/Portland Timbers

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Growing up in Brazil we would play half of the year 7 x 7 a small version of outdoor soccer and half of the year we would play Futsal.

A Brazilian Former Pro player and now coaching and refereeing Top Adult and Youth Soccer Games in USA. Marcelo grew up playing Soccer in the streets of Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil. Playing soccer in the uneven mud fields without shoes. He was able to go to College as an athlete and later became a Pro Player. Coming from a humble family he successfully graduated in Economics in 2003 and moved to the USA to pursue his dream to keep playing soccer in a Pro Level. As a player Marcelo Trindade won many important Championships in different parts of Brazil and the USA. He started his referee career in 2009 and has already gained national attention and been invited to work in National Tournaments around the USA; both outdoor soccer and Futsal.

Playing Experience:

Juniores Flamengo Futebol Clube, Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil (1994)
Clube Dom Pedro II, Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG, Brazil (1994 to 1999)
University Federal de Vicosa, MG, Brazil (1998, 2003)
Copa Latina, Birmingham, Alabama, USA (2003)
Araxa Esporte Club, Div 1, MG, Brazil (2004/2005) Div 1
Formiga Futebol Club, MG, Brazil (2006) Div 1



  • USSF National Coaching License
  • 12+ years coaching youth soccer
  • Former Martial Arts Instructor


  • Captain of 3rd in the nation, Schoolcraft College (Michigan) 2002-2004
  • Georgia College 2005-2007
  • NSCAA All-Region Player

I am a technical player myself and prefer to focus on a players soccer IQ and technical ability. We will work on dribbling, footwork and finishing ability as well as getting a great workout. We will also look to focus on a players weaknesses and improve all aspects of the players game.


  • Rose city futsal (u6-u13)
  • Eastside timbers (u6-u18)
  • Portland Timbers (kids camp ranging from ages 9-16)
  • University of portland (live in camps for high schoolers and summer camps for 12-15 year olds)
  • Personal lessons with kids from ages 9-14
  • Winter speed and agility sessions


  • United States U-20 national team
  • Portland Timbers MLS for two years
  • Current Timbers 2 player
  • Portland Timbers u-23 national champion
  • Local player that played for the University of Portland