Adult Classes


Starting in July!

Adult Small Group Training

Small Group Training Structure:

These will be one hour in person circuit training sessions focusing on individual techniques such as Passing & Receiving, Dribbling & Carrying the Ball, Game Type Dynamic Movements, etc. There will be no physical contact between players. Each player will only be allowed on their section of court, which will be taped off. The sections will be at least 22ft x 44ft in order to provide players ample space to play! Players will practice social distancing by staying in their designated sections. There will be four players and one coach per court.

Fridays in July @ RCF East

  • 9:00am-10:00am Adult Academy

Registration: When a player registers, they are registering to a class on a specified day and time. Registering to class one week does not reserve a spot for that day and time the following week, and not registering one week does not mean you won’t be able to register the following week. This is set in place as we have limited spots available and would like to provide everyone an opportunity to participate if they wish to.

PreScreen Survey: Players will be sent a PreScreen Survey 24 hours prior to their session. It is important players have completed this survey within 24 hours before each training sessions they are registered to. Players who have not completed the PreScreen Survey will not be allowed to enter the building. Refunds and Credits will not be given if a player does not comply. For everyone’s safety there will be no exceptions made.

Small Group Trainings Cancellation Policy: Small Group Trainings require written notice to to cancel. Cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to the start of the small group training session will receive a full refund minus a $5 Administration Fee. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the small group training session will not receive a refund. If a player is injured and provides a doctor’s note, RCF will refund the amount in full. If a player fails the pre-screening, RCF will refund the amount in full.

Small Group Training Information Letter:

Safety and Sanitation Guidelines

Rose City Futsal

Main Guidelines

  • All RCF employees required to wear a mask at all times
  • Players must wear a mask coming into the building and while going to and from the bathroom. On the court – players will take masks off
  • Hand sanitizer on every court for coaches and players to use
  • All RCF employees and players cannot touch and must keep 6 ft distance
  • Players assigned dedicated space on court. Players do not enter each other’s dedicated space ( see attached: Court Layout )
  • Players assigned own equipment that is not shared with other players
  • Players take water breaks on court. They may only exit the court to use the restroom. Water fountain and water refill station will be off limits

RCF Response

  • Any positive test to a player or staff member, that was physically in the building, results in a 1 day shut down in order to fully sanitize building
  • Direct, one-time exposure by a player or staff member, that was physically in the building, results in a 1 day shut down in order to fully sanitize building
  • All persons on the court and the parking lot attendant will need to isolate for 14 days from the time of exposure, OR will need to provide a negative test result in order to return to RCF

Screening Campers and Coaches

  • All RCF employees and players will be screened daily through a health questionnaire and temperature checks
  • If a pre-screening survey shows potential risk, the players will not be allowed to enter the building. Players will be fully refunded for registration.

Each player will need:

  • Mask
  • Water bottle (No water fountain access)
  • Futsal shoes
  • Black RCF shirt, black shorts, black socks
  • Please do not bring any equipment. We will provide it!
  • Please be on time. It helps the flow of prior session pick-up, sanitizing between, and session check-in. We understand if something happens and you cannot make it on time. We ask that everyone tries their best to be on time

Check-In Procedure

  • Players asked to arrive 15 mins before session
  • Client pulls into back parking lot
  • All passengers required to wear mask
  • All players need to be checked-in by an adult
  • Collect information for Contact Tracing
  • Player’s Name
  • Check-In time recorded
  • Name and Number of Adult @ Check-In
  • Name and Number of Emergency Contact
  • Name and Number of Adult @ Pick-Up
  • Ensure pre-screening questions answered
  • Non-touch temperature check performed for player
  • Parking lot attendee will show each car where to park, drop-off and pick-up player
  • RCF East: ( see attached: Parking Lot Layout )
  • Portland – Portland Emergency Door
  • Rio – Rio Emergency Door
  • Barcelona – Back Emergency door
  • Players need to sanitize hands once entered assigned court
  • Players change into futsal shoes on assigned court area

Pick-up Procedure

  • Finish Session – Air five coach
  • All RCF Coaches and players on court use hand sanitizer
  • Players put on masks
  • Players gathers personal items (water bottle/bag)
  • Players change from futsal shoes to other shoes
  • Players exit through assign exit doors
  • Pick-Up time recorded per player
  • During pick-up procedure, all coaches are sanitizing their court’s equipment


  • One person to use the bathroom at a time. Sanitation occurs after each use
  • All equipment will be sanitized with approved disinfectant after each session
  • Including but not limited to: balls, cones, benches, goals
  • Please encourage your players to limit all unnecessary contact on all surfaces including but not limited to countertops, handrails, handles, goal posts, benches etc.
  • All touch points sanitized during session and before next session
  • Including but not limited to: rails, door handles, knobs

We couldn’t be happier with the community support, during this time and always, to RCF and we look forward to providing a safe and fun environment!

Court Map

Parking Lot Map

RCF Small Group Training - FAQs

Are families/siblings/guardians allowed in the building during the Small Group Trainings?

No. Players must be checked-in and dropped off by an adult, and the players are the only

ones allowed in the building. Families must wait in their car if they stay on premises or

leave and come back to RCF once the session is complete.

How many RCF staff members will be in the building at a given time?

For all Small Group Trainings, there will be 1 RCF coach per court and 1-2 off court RCF

staff present.

How many players on a court? What is the set up like?

4 players to a court, 1 coach. All players will have a designated area of the court with

their own equipment that is provided by RCF.

How many sessions a week can my player sign up for?

Since space is extremely limited (4 players max per court and limited training times),

players are only allowed to sign up for 2 sessions per week. In the FDP/Select/Adv.

Academy, we have more players in the program than possible training times, we’d like to

be as fair as possible, thus will limit players to the 2 sessions.

Can I sign my player up for multiple weeks at a time?

You may only sign your player up for 1 week at a time. As well, you may only sign up for

a max of 2 sessions per week. As more weeks become available, you’ll be able to sign up

in advance as long as spots are available (and it’s the correct age group for your player).

Can my player be on the same court as a friend/teammate?

If you have a request like this, please reach out to ahead of

time. We will do our best to accommodate the request for your player.

Can my player sign up for an older or younger age group because the time works better

or he/she can be with their friend?

At this time, no. Players can only sign up for sessions for their age group. Space in these

sessions is very limited, so we want to try and be as fair as possible with sign-ups. That

being said, please reach out to us with your request. If there is an open spot in an age

group above or below your player’s team age group, we will reach out 48 hours prior to

the session. You’ll have 24 hours to then respond and secure registration. If you do not

respond, or do not wish to accept the offer, the spot will once again be open to other

players of that age group or the next player wishing to move into that session.

What can I use my credits for?

As of 6/8/2020, any credit issued may only be used for its replacement program (e.g.

credit issued for incomplete FDP/Select/Adv. Academy training can only be used for

Small Group Training).

How do I use my credit for the Small Group Trainings? Can I offer my credit to another

player that did not receive a credit? I have two kids in the program. Can I use the credit

for either kid?

Please reach out to for information if you receive a credit and

how to apply it. During checkout, without needing to enter payment information, you’ll

be promoted to enter your coupon code. You may not pass your credit to any other

player. Even if you have multiple players in the program, credits can only be used

toward the player earning the credit (the player that paid the 2019/20 tuition in full at

the time of RCF closure, on March 12th, 2020, excluding high school program).

What happens to the remaining tuition balance I was set to pay for my player in the

Select/FDP/Adv. Academy program?

All remaining balances have been forgiven. Since you had a remaining balance on your

tuition, this is the reason you will not receive a credit toward small group trainings.

My player played in the High School program at RCF during the 2019/2020 season and we

paid in full, do we receive a credit?

Although your family paid in full, you will not receive a credit for these sessions. Your

player completed all of their training sessions prior to RCF shutting down. Credits for

these sessions are issued to families that paid in full AND did not receive all of their

trainings prior to shut down on March 12th, 2020.

My High School player played in the Champions League at RCF and they did not complete

all of their games, will they receive a credit for this?

This has yet to be determined. Updates regarding this will be sent out as soon as

decisions have been made.

adult futsal academy

Rose City Futsal hosts amazing adult fitness classes to enhance both your social and physical health. If you’re looking to expand your futsal skills in a fun group setting, try one of our Adult Futsal Classes. If you’re looking to develop your strength, flexibility and overall physical health check out our yoga classes, or adult fitness training opportunities through our tenant partner: GC Strength.

GC Strength
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GC Strength Team is changing the way fitness is done! Their mission is to drive people to a higher level of performance through coaching and education on evidence based conditioning strategies for the Brain, Movement, and Recovery engines. Now with a dynamic space located inside RCF East, it’s easier than ever to round out your fitness program, and put your health and performance first through their private and group training!

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