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Advanced Classes and Evaluations: How does my player get approved for advanced classes?

If your player is currently in an All Levels class or camp, coaches are constantly evaluating players and will recommend that they move up to an advanced class if/when they are ready. You do not need to schedule a separate evaluation if your player is in a class or camp! If your player is in an Advanced Class, coaches may recommend they move down to an All Levels class if they struggle to keep up with their peers. We find this is best for the player’s development and maintaining the overall quality of the class. Coaches will communicate with the Academy Management team if any player in an All Levels class should move up to an Advanced class, even in the middle of a session. The Academy Management team will reach out to the family.

If your player is not currently – or has not recently – participated in an Academy program but you feel strongly that your player could compete in an advanced class, email academy@rosecityfutsal.com to schedule an evaluation. We limit one player evaluation per class but do not offer these drop-in evaluations at all times throughout the year. We also do not offer evaluations during the first or last week of a session. If your player has never played futsal, we will encourage them to start out in an All Levels class. If the All Levels classes are full, register to the waitlist. 

RCF will occasionally host “Evaluation Sessions” where we conduct a bulk-evaluation class for many players concurrently, separate from our regular Academy programming. There are instances where players only receive approval for some advanced classes, like School of Technique or Girls Only Jr. Academy, but not all advanced classes, like a coed advanced class and advanced camps.

Note that if you do have an evaluation, we cannot guarantee space in any class, regardless of the evaluation outcome. Players should bring futsal or any flat sole shoes, athletic clothing, shin guards, and water for evaluations.


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