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What is the difference between Soccer and Futsal?

  • Futsal is played on a flat, hard surface most similar to a basketball court
  • The court is sized for 5v5 play and uses a smaller and heavier ball than a soccer ball which keeps the ball on the ground more often than in the air
  • The game is much faster with the flat surface and tight spaces. Certain ball-skill techniques are used in futsal like receiving with the sole of the foot, toe poke is a shooting technique, etc.
  • With these differences, even an experienced soccer player should begin in our All Levels classes for a session or two to gain the futsal specific fundamentals
  • Skills developed through futsal compliment skills developed in soccer, and vice-versa
  • All players new to futsal are recommended to start with a beginner class for their respective age group (even experienced soccer players)
  • The most common path to participating in our advanced classes is to participate in an All Levels classes for at least a couple of sessions. The coaches will communicate to the player and family when they are ready to move up to our advanced classes, which has a focus of technique as well as tactics

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