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Youth League – Team – Cancellation Policy

Team Registration Policy:
All teams are required to pay 100% of their team registration fee by league start. Rose City Futsal requires a $100 deposit for team registration.

Any and all individuals who contract Covid-19, or who are experiencing symptoms, or who may have come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19should contact Rose City Futsal immediately following test results. Following CDC contact tracing and distancing guidelines will be implemented to control any potential spread inside the building. Any one team that is unable to continue their session due to Covid-19, will have a hold and therefore a credit available to them upon ability to return to the league.

Refunds will be issued if the league is mandated to shut down by the State of Oregon. The refund amount will be the prorated league fee minus merchant service fees.

Team Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation requires written notice.

*Any team that chooses not to participate in our Winter I session since the closure of Covid-19 is able to opt out without penalty no later than Sunday, November 1st. Any team that cancels after November 1st will not receive a refund and will be responsible for paying the entire league fee.


Rose City Futsal reserves the right to drop a team from the league at any time without refund.

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