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Youth League – Team – Cancellation Policy

Team Registration Policy:
All teams are required to pay 100% of their team registration fee at the time of registration. Rose City Futsal requires a 1/3 retainer for teams that pay with cash or check. This retainer is to cover a cancellation. This retainer will be refunded in full to the team at the end of the league or may be rolled over into the next session, unless there is a cancellation or if a team owes a reschedule fee.

Team Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation requires written notice. A team that drops out of the league at least 15 days before the start of the Youth League session will receive a refund for their team registration fee, except a $100 administration fee.  Any team that cancels within 15 days of the league start date will not receive a refund and will be responsible for paying the entire league fee.


Rose City Futsal reserves the right to drop a team from the league at any time without refund.

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