Youth Academy


Futsal provides an unparalleled training ground for developing soccer or futsal players. The small, heavier ball and fast-paced court keeps most of the play on the ground, which encourages players to improve their technical skills, speed of play, and decision making ability. Youth Academy gives young players the knowledge and room for creativity to excel and have fun while exploring the beautiful game.


All-levels classes are for players from six to twelve at any level of play. These classes help players develop technical skills and game intelligence while they have a blast! Classes will be enjoyable to a beginner player who may not have as much experience in the game and also to an intermediate player who is looking to develop technical skills in a positive, joyful environment.


Advanced classes are offered for more the experienced player between ages six and eighteen. These classes will improve technical abilities, speed of play, decision making and help players conquer more challenging game situations. Players are usually split based on age and/or skill level. To join an advanced class, players need to be recommended by their coach or club, or fill out an application for consideration.


Rose City Futsal offers elite in-house futsal teams that compete at the highest regional, national and international levels. We strive to develop the best Futsal and Soccer players in the country by providing players the opportunity to play and train in Futsal with players of like abilities and provide the highest level of coaching allowing players an opportunity to grow to the highest potential in the game of Futsal.

Session Details

SS and YA 2018/2019 SESSION DATES

FallSeptember 4th - October 21st*Mondays prorated session
Winter IOctober 22nd - December 14th*No classes during Thanksgiving
Winter IIJanuary 2nd - February 17th*Mondays & Tuesdays prorated session
Spring IFebruary 18th - April 12th*No classes March 25th-April 1st
Spring IIApril 15th - June 3rd*No classes Memorial Day, May 27th

$160 per seven-week session

For players new to Rose City Futsal, appropriate attire on class day includes comfortable pants (e.g., sweatpants or tights) on cool days or shorts on warm days. Footwear is any flat-soled court shoe or running shoe. Please no cleats ever at RCF!  Shin guards are recommended for players in the Soccer Stars Program and required for players in Youth Academy.  You do not need to bring a ball – RCF supplies these for all programs.

*For specific questions or requests please Contact Us

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