Futsal Development Program & Select Teams

Challenge yourself, technically, tactically, in practice, and in competition,
learn the heart of the game with RCF’s elite training programs! Our Futsal Development Program and Select Team Training provide the pathway for unlimited player growth and potential. We encourage personal growth and confidence both on and off the court and instill a lifelong love for the game through elite training opportunities and unique community experiences!

Futsal Development Program Evaluations

May 4th & 5th 2019

Registration is now open for birth years 2012-2009 to participate in free evaluations for our elite Futsal Development Program!

Rose City Futsal’s Select Team Development Program strives to develop the best futsal and soccer players in the country. This program is designed to provide elite players an opportunity to play to their highest potential and grow their passion for the game. Training alongside other elite players with our top level coaches will challenge even the most technical players. Our 1 day/week team trainings, seasonal leagues and tournaments provide the best training addition to any outdoor season. Futsal provides unparalleled benefits to player development with increased ball touches, need for speed, control, and quick decision making. Come learn THE HEART OF THE GAME with RCF Select Teams.

The Rose City Futsal Development Program is designed to provide players an opportunity to train three times a week and compete with players of like abilities. Its goal is to help kids grow in all 5 aspects of the game: mentally, physically, technically, tactically and socially. It is a great opportunity for elite young players to develop in the way that South American kids do – with a lot of Futsal. Emphasis on 3x per week training is to accelerate and deepen the learning process of the style of players we are trying to grow.

The focus of this program is to develop well rounded elite players that play with joy, confidence and character. At Rose City Futsal, we aim to develop and prepare young players for the challenges that he/she will face on and off the court. Our goal is to create not only top level players but also great citizens.

AgeHigh SchoolU15U14U13U12U11U10U9U8U7
Birth Year2002 - 2003200420052006200720082009201020112012
Number of Training Sessions9 (Sep. - Nov.)35 (Sep. - May)35 (Sep. - May)35 (Sep. - May)35 (Sep. - May)35 (Sep. - May)110 (Sep. - June)110 (Sep. - June)18 (Sep. - May)18 (Sep. - May)
Training Length2 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (1 per week)1.5 hrs (3 per week)1.5 hrs (3 per week)1 hr (2 per month)1 hr (2 per month)
Fall League (Sep. - Oct.)nonononononoyesyesnono
Winter 1 League (Nov. - Dec. - Jan.)yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesnono
Winter 2 League (Feb. - March)nononononoyesyesyesnono
Spring League (April - May)nonononononoyesyesnono
Open Playsnonononononoyesyesyesyes
Training LocationsTigardPortlandTigardTigard & PortlandTigard & PortlandTigardPortlandPortlandTigard & PortlandTigard & Portland

*The number of training sessions may vary due to conflicts, inclement weather, or any other reason not originally planned. For the U8’s and U7’s age groups a training session will be run as an open play.

** 10% is exclusive for the Select Team player registered and with no outstanding balance. Does not include family members. Does not include Clive’s or tenant businesses. (Discount examples: Camps, youth academy, birthday parties)
*** Uniforms will be purchased separately and directly through our provider by the player/family. Cost is estimated based on purchase of the basic kit. All players receive 1 training shirt. U9’s & U10’s receive 2 training shirts.

– A league not listed for a specific age group may still be added if there is enough interest from the players in the team. An additional cost may apply.
– All the above are tentative programs. RCF reserves the right to modify, cancel or add to the program without further notice.
– RCF encourages and supports Select Teams players to participate in additional leagues/events. The cost for participating in additional leagues/events is not included in the yearly tuition. (I.E: Spring/Fall Leagues at RCF, extra tournaments, friendly games). Additional tournaments vary from age, level and availability. We have participated in the past in events such as the Montesilvano Futsal Cup (Italy), World Futsal Championships (Orlando, FL), Futsal Nationals and Regionals (San Jose, CA), National Cup (Dallas, TX) and others.
– Payment plans are available (Full, 3x or Monthly).


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