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5 v 5 Futsal Rules

5 v 5 Futsal Rules RCF House Rules Futsal is a lower-contact sport, but just like soccer contact will be...
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Auto Renewal Option

Auto Renewal Option RCF Adult League Auto Renewal is for Teams who are interested in renewing their commitment to play...
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Find A Team/Find A Player

Find A Team/Find A Player A community board for teams looking to add players and players looking to join pre-existing...
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Referee Evaluations

REFEREE FEEDBACK Guidelines PLEASE wait 24 hrs after your game before filling out and submitting a report BE SPECIFIC: Specify...
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Team Fees

Team Fees RCF East RCF West Fee Includes $765/Team Weekday Fee $565/Team Weekend Fee $745/Team Weekday Fee TEAM REGISTRATION: 10...
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