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Self Service – Add Family Relationships

How to Add Family Relationships to Your Account

For a family with multiple players at RCF you may create relationships. This allows the parent to see invoices for the entire family.

It does not allow the parent to change profile pictures for other family members.

Please create a self service account for the player that needs the membership/player card.

  1. Go to RCF Self Service
  2. Click “Login” from the bar on the left
  3. Enter your username, password, and click “Login”
  4. In the upper left, click on your name
  5. Click on “RELATIONSHIPS” in the middle, top of the screen
  6. Click “ADD RELATIONSHIP” on the right
  7. Under “RELATIONSHIP TYPE” select a relationship type from the drop down menu
  8. Click “NEXT”
  9. To the right of “Find Client”, where it says “Client Name” in grey, type in your family member’s name
  10. Wait a brief moment to see if the name appears as a drop down selection (this should happen if they are already in our system). If you think they should be in the system and they are not appearing, please call us. If they appear as a selection, click their name and skip to step 15
  11. If your child is has not previously been in our system, click “ADD” in the lower right, just above “CANCEL”
  12. Enter their Name, Gender, Birthday, and email address (this can be yours if the family member is a minor or doesn’t have their own).
  13. Click “NEXT”
  14. Click “Submit”
  15. If the shield next to your family member’s name is gray, the email address listed on their account has just been sent a confirmation request. You must check your email and confirm, if you did not receive the confirmation request email, please call us. If the shield is Green, your relationship is confirmed.
  • Call us at 503-734-2382 (RCF East) or 971-727-8481 (RCF West)
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